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Important ways businesses can leverage the location power of Beacons


For the past few decades or so, the Internet has been playing a vital role in connecting computers from across the world to bring the information you desire to your homes and offices. The advent of Bluetooth enabled devices called Beacons, which emit tiny radio signals to establish communication with devices like smartphones and tablets in their vicinity, may signal another revolution in how information is collected and utilized. Beacons make the tasks of connecting with their target audience for marketers easier and efficient. Instead of trying to connect with everybody businesses think could be of value to them, they can restrict their effort to only those right people who are within the range of this amazing device operating on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

What exactly are beacons?

In a layman’s term, a beacon is a little radio which transmits a continuous signal intended to be picked up by devices like smartphones or tablets which are within their earshot. Since they operate on BLE, the signals do not possess the capability to travel a long distance. There are beacons available in the market with claims of signal range more than 200 meters. Signal, strengths, however, depend on different factors and possible interferences may diminish the overall range. Also, beacons are available which support either iBeacon or Eddystone protocols developed by Apple and Google respectively. Some offers support for both software protocols. Both of these broadcasting protocols offer excellent feature and functionality with few minor differences here and there.

What makes Beacon so appealing to marketers?

Beacons work with smartphones or tablets to connect consumers with retailers as they visit their retail store. For example, a beacon in a shop can track the movement of the customers. Retailers can access a record of how many people visited their shop and in which section they spent the maximum time. It allows them to send a personalized message to the customers instantly. Also, marketers can analyze what effect their contextual messages and notifications are having on their overall sales. In short, beacons are invaluable tools for mobile interaction aiding business to engage more actively with their present and potential customers.

RIFD Asset Tracking System

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment allows you to keep track of your valuable assets. The tracking equipment automatically updates the location and visibility of your assets in real time making them a highly useful tool to keep a tab on your valuable assets.